Praise for Captain Blackwell's Prize

“A phenomenon – a romance set at sea in the age of fighting sail by an author who knows her background intimately.”  

Joan Druett, award-winning maritime historian and author of the bestseller Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World

“V. E. Ulett deftly sets the stage for a romantic adventure reminiscent of Horatio Hornblower’s amorous affairs, with a swiftly paced narrative.”  

George Jepson, Quarterdeck, McBooks Press

“… a satisfying page-turner. Ulett’s characters are as convincing as her naval action is credible.”  

Julian Mackrell, Historic Naval Fiction


‘Master and Commander as written by ‘Jane Austin’. Charming and well-read. Really loved this mix of cultures and the accurate portrayal of 18th century naval life. Give it a try!’  

BBounous, iTunes listener

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