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Romance, Intrigue, and Elephants

Code Black Book 2

To keep her place aboard the airship Nonesuch, Miriam must complete another mission for Lord Q — persuade the first white rajah of Sarawak back to loyalty to the British Crown. When Nonesuch crash lands on the coast of Borneo, the mission changes to one of survival. In order to rescue her beloved Captain Maximus Thorpe and the crew of Nonesuch, Miriam must trek through the jungle guided by a team of traveling elephants to the would-be empire-builder's capital. But the jungle has its own laws, wisdom, and lessons, and Miriam may not emerge with her mission and loyalties unchanged.


Follow the adventures of the first feminist aeronaut in White Elephant, Code Black Book 2, a fusion of historical fiction and fantasy.


Praise for White Elephant

“the descriptions and world-building are great. I loved being able to feel the hot, sticky air of the jungle in Borneo and to hear the waves crashing on the beaches. I loved getting more insight into how the crew of the Nonesuch keep getting themselves tied up in so many difficult situations and I loved all of the detail of the characters, both old and new!”

Meg, A Bookish Affair

“I enjoyed getting to know Miriam, Lord Q, Captain Thorpe, and all the rest of the crew of the airship the Nonesuch. They make quite a team and it was a lot of fun to follow their adventures.” 

Lauren, Always Me

"A charming story well told. As with all Ulett's work, excellent characterisation and narrative. In general a refreshing and satisfying tale."

Alaric Bond, Author

"I really enjoyed this storyline and the feeling of being immersed in a different culture.  The cultures that we're introduced to are definitely unique, and the author paints a good picture of the different communities.  I greatly admired the main character, and also the Captain. I'd enjoy learning more about them in the future."

Amazon Review

Golden Dragon
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