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Romance, Intrigue, and Airships

Code Black Book 1

Miriam Kodio Blackwell is caught between East and West. When a Code Black arises she is recruited by Lord Q, head of British intelligence and airships, who helps Miriam escape Iran only to press her into service of the Crown. Will Miriam survive when she’s put aboard the airship Nonesuch—with her captain, crew, and a Hell-Cat of fearsome reputation—and the assignment to rescue the niece of a Dutch ally taken captive in the South China Sea?


Golden Dragon is a witty new steampunk adventure, set in the Romantic age of Byron and Shelley.

“…a delightful fusion between historical fiction and fantasy with believable characters and an entertaining plot: highly recommended.” – ALARIC BOND, author of The Guinea Boat, Turn A Blind Eye, and The Fighting Sail Series


Praise for Golden Dragon

“Think Steampunk James Bond, but without the misogyny. Thoroughly enjoyed the story. The main character is a wonderful strong role model.”  

Diana, Creating Herstory

“...exciting, clever, and very inventive. Such a great mix of Patrick O'Brian and a steampunk aesthetic, with a wonderfully diverse cast.” 

Julie K. Rose, author of Dido's Crown, Oleanna, and The Pilgrim Glass

“History and fiction merge beautifully, and I really enjoyed the diversity of place and race that wound effortlessly through the book. I loved it. I can't wait for book two!” 

Amazon 5-Star Review

“Golden Dragon is an enjoyable book, with an absorbing vision of an alternate technology that seems credible, and characters with whom one can readily identify."

Richard Abbott - Discovering Diamonds 

Golden Dragon
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